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Madhya Pradesh, India

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Ratlam is one of the important Districts of Madhya Pradesh Which is situated in the North West part of the State "The MALWA" Region. The New Town of Ratlam was founded by Captain Borthwick in 1829 with regular and broadened streets and well built houses. Ratlam was once one of the first Commercial Towns in Central India being the centre of an extensive trade in opium, tobacco and salt. It was also famous in Malwa for its bargains called Sattas. Before the opening of the Railway Line to Kahndwa in 1872, there was no better mart than Ratlam. More >

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दिनांक 08/02/2016 को होने वाली समय सीमा के पत्रों की सूची

कार्यालय सहायक सह डाटा एन्ट्री ऑपरेटर के पद पर संविदा नियुक्ति (जिला - रतलाम)
Lok Seva Kendra Tender Documents
रतलाम निकायों की प्रथम पट्टा सूची
पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय ब्रह्म सत्य उपभोक्ता कौंसिल रतलाम
वैश्विक उपभोक्ता कल्याण परिषद रतलाम


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